Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Little Joy

Little Joy is really giving me some musical happiness right now. KCRW is promoting it at every commercial break and I liked the teasers, not to mention that everyone keeps telling me how great they are-and they really are. It's a pretty perfect combination. It's a pretty decent year for music already, I have to say it was a pleasure shopping Amoeba Records on Sunday. There is something very magical about a band like the Strokes and how they've all managed to do really great solo stuff. In fact Albert Hammond Jr.'s two albums are among my favorite, I'm hooked on Nickel Eye , and now Little Joy. Not to mention Albert's producing the Postelles Debut album, which I'm expecting to be great. Their EP is amazing, enough so that I actually broke down and used iTunes to get it. And I hate iTunes....so there you have it.

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