Friday, December 3, 2010

Gift Guide #1

For the person who has everything, or for your friend who has the offbeat sense of humor I think the baby head vase is perfect! It can easily be switched up, looks completely odd/beautiful and will always be a focal point. This of course means you will be brought up again as the person people want to receive gifts from-imagine all the party invitations! Get it here.

For the Holly Golightly in your life why not the Holly Golightly sleep mask? Pair it with the Capote classic or a copy of the dvd and you will have a winning gift. Also goes well as a hostess gift when coupled with some bubbly. Get it here .

For your friend who needs help eating their fruits and vegetables, or your fidgety niece or nephew...may I suggest Food Face! A modern Woolly Willy, it's just what you need to distract the fussy eaters in your life. Get it here.


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