Saturday, August 29, 2009


"The last thing I'll wish for before I die is that I had lived."
-Eileen Parra

Nice Job Google

I love how they made a small tribute to Michael Jackson's 51st birthday. It made me smile. And love Google a little more. Check out the homepage today and see it for yourself.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Viejita Chic

I bought hair curlers today. I am officially a little old lady. I am just tired of the curling iron, and the heat damage....I hope I look better than this.

Photo Courtesy of Diane Arbus

Iona and Duckie

There's a lot of talk of the movies of John Hughes and what they meant to everyone. This talk inevitably goes to "Pretty and Pink." Now while everyone loved Andie (Molly Ringwald), I was a big fan of Iona and Duckie. How cool were they?I mean really? I still have a love of costume changes a la Iona, and boys in vests with tee shirts still make me swoon( Not the Urban Outfitters kind....God no!). They should have made a sequel about their adventures...


I am going through some major nostalgia of all things that I coveted in childhood. My favorite though, is still Seventeen magazine. My babysitter was so awesome that she used to let me read hers and I'd stare at them for hours contemplating what it would be like to be a teenager. I had about ten years to go....but it was great to daydream. The true irony is that once I was a teenager, I just wanted to be an adult. I wanted an apartment and a car and a job, and to be 21. I really wish I would have embraced being a teen more, an maybe then I would be able to throw out my old teen magazines.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Weekend.

Leaving town for the weekend, be back to normal Tuesday! Have fun, I will.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Grace Jones, one week later..

So, like a lot of Hollywood I saw Grace Jones last Sunday at the Hollywood Bowl. It was unreal. The woman had pipes,style and humor. She made you feel so far below her it was great! I'm still thinking about it and I will forever be a fan. We made it just in time to see the show, and as we ascended the escalator she started her set, covered by the sheet singing "This Is," from her newest album. It was a once in a lifetime moment. My favorite part of the show was her version of "La Vie en Rose." Her costume was an insane red sculpture without a back, that exposed her ahem...assets. Her vocals on the song rang through the hills and combined with the cool breeze and light from the Hollywood sign above made for a dramatic musical experience that you read about in books. In other words, if you weren't there, you really were square.
* I found this video of the performance on Youtube, and while you really had to be there, I think the sound quality is pretty good!

Shoe Porn-Louboutin Slingbacks

The Elle Shoe Blog is a mean mean thing. Every time I see it my eyes get greener. Seriously, why don't I get to own these? And second, how did an intern get them? Man oh man, life is so unfair. I am going to put the link on this post, but be warned, this blog is so not right.

Chinese Lantern Dilemna

I'm really trying to get my start on re-decorating my apartment, and I really want to use Chinese lanterns in some way,shape or form.However, I'm kind of stuck. I love the idea of them and I love the look, I just don't know how to execute them without making it look junky. I really wanna class up my place, so I'm trying to avoid the clutter I usually embrace.Any suggestions?

Debbie Harry

And speaking of personal heroes, this woman can do no wrong. And now she's on Twitter!

Audrey Horne

I've got a little obsession with Miss Audrey Horne (aka Sherilyn Fenn) from Twin Peaks. I love how she makes a simple schoolgirl look completely mysterious and sexy. And in real life Sherilyn dated and was engaged to Johnny Depp.She's kind of a personal hero of mine.


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