Friday, September 25, 2009

Thank you Dita.

Every time I consider going in the sun without sunscreen, or trying for a little color, I think of Dita and her flawless alabaster complexion. And it looks much better than a tan any day. So, for that I think I owe her a glass of champagne if I ever meet her! She's better than a dermatologist, she's the perfect role model for a sun free existence!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pom Pom Vines, Who Knew?

These look too cool! Apparently they were intended for weddings, but if you are like me and the thought of matrimony makes you nauseous then may I suggest you save them for a cool party? Or even a kids room, I think my niece would love these on her ceiling. The directions are in the link below.

Just Go!

This is gonna be fun. If you can make it I suggest you do. You do like good music and fun don't you?

Garance's Ladies

I love the ladies that Garance Dore captures in her fashion travels.Equal parts tomboy and bombshell. These are some outfits I hope to someday pull off. Bonus points for the fact that they are all brunettes ;)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Amy Winehouse

Happy 26th! Now please make a new album soon. -Xo, Kristal

Go Go Gaga

Blood or no blood, I love Gaga's voice. This girl is definitely working with the right influences in mind. This song is so beautiful acoustic.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Edith Head's Hollywood

To me nothing is better than Edith Head. No matter how many new designs come out, nothing excites me like the costume sketches Edith made over fifty years ago. People come close yes, but nobody takes the crown. Every piece is an enviable treasure. If only I could own just one someday......ah to dream!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I think it's safe to say that everyone loves this woman. A true class act and talent.

Take notes

Vintage Vogue wins hands down, every time.


So, red is my favorite color( see post below), and navy is my favorite all I need now is a pair of flesh toned patent shoes and I'm good, right? This picutre just makes me really happy.

Lipstick Luggage

I want a red vintage luggage set so bad right now! You would never have trouble finding you suitcase again!
***Update*** I just found the largest of the three of the set at the Goodwill for $7.99! I'm so very excited,and will be taking a similar picture this weekend when I take a trip!

Damn you Urban Outfitters!

How on earth did you know I wanted a peacock rug, ruffle curtain and birdcage style lantern (which I will spray paint gold)? Are you spying on me? Did Google tell you this? Well I guess sometimes it really is just that easy...


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