Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bring Back Indie 103.1

Last week a major travesty of justice occurred on the airwaves. Unexpectedly and very suddenly the best radio station in L.A. went off the air. No warning, no explanation (short of "we're not playing the corporate game..), just gone. And it broke my heart, and i'm sure the hearts of many others. What are we supposed to do without Jonesy's Jukebox? Seriously, what? I was so excited for the next days broadcast too, Lemmy from Motorhead and Slim Jim Phantom of the Stray Cats. For those unaware, they have a killer band called the Head Cat where they play old 50s rock n roll. Its amazing and I couldn't wait to hear what they were going to play and talk about. It just isn't fair. Indie is supposed to be online now, but all the major djs are gone, so it's souless. I hope something is figured out, maybe they'll make it member supportd like KCRW. I would happily pay for Indie, and i'm broke but I would pay $100 to get it back.It means that much to me. Right now there is a petition going on, so if you can get as many people to sign it, it can only help our case. http://letindielive. com/. com/

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