Thursday, June 24, 2010

Encino Man at the Tar Pits

B-movies and bad science

Saturday, June 26th7:30pm

Discussions / 8:00pm Movie

Held outside in Hancock Park – Free to the public

This is definitely worth going to. I plan on bringing some food from 7-11 and having a good laugh. Things like this make me so happy to live in Los Angeles. I mean really, how cool is it to see a crazy movie like "Encino Man," in a place that is filled with such history?

La Liz

Since I saw this picture I have been craving all kinds of gingham especially pale yellow. Such a perfect summer outfit and so sweetly sexy as well. How beautiful is this woman? Seriously, I think she is just such a knockout. Another perfect example of a time when the women looked like beautiful natural women, and the fakest thing about them was maybe a bullet bra and some extra eyeliner.

MM Style

Why don't they make cool capri pants like this anymore? Her whole outfit looks pretty damn cool and very comfortable too.

Techincal Difficulties and Jesus.

I've been seriously lagging at posting lately, but on the flip side I've been having some fun in Hollywood. For example, I went to Pride a few weeks ago and saw Jesus. The thing I love about this guy is that he is everywhere in Hollywood. And because he looks like Jesus everything he does is comical. Like "Oh look Jesus is eating a burrito," "Jesus is on the bus," " Jesus is talking to Spiderman." I've always been tempted to just start taking sneak shots of him, but then I'd just feel weird. He's a nice guy that Jesus.


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