Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I know they are a silly traditon that no one follows much anymore, or even takes seriously. But I quite like resolutions. What's not to like really? The ability to start over new and strive to change one thing that could use improvement. And who couldn't use a little improvement? I could! So, here's mine:

1.Stop Biting my Nails.-I've fought this habit since I was three, it's about time that I beat it.

2.Drink as minimally as possible.-I hate hangovers and need to learn my limits..i'm not a teenager anymore.

3.Spend money wisely.-Basically this means less cheap stuff, instead save for the good stuff. And by this I mean clothing...vintage clothing!

These are all pretty important to me, so I'm that posting them will help me stick to it.
Happy New Year!!!

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