Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Itching to create something new.

I just got back from a five day visit with my family, and I'm settling back into my life here. And it's weird. I have the sudden urge to change so much: paint my bedroom, dye my hair, take a course, paint a picture, sew new curtains, work on my books pages, anything but sit still. Which is what I am doing. Is this laziness really my only obstacle or is it my lack of focus? If I really just concentrated on one thing at a time I could get a task done. Instead I'm hell bent on starting a million projects just destined to remain half finished. Seriously, why do I do this? I often wonder if true creative geniuses ever struggled with these problems of indecisiveness or it the blueprints to their brilliance was mapped out. I really need to write more on this, I'm a real half ass blogger. I keep thinking of Basquiat and Bukowski, Marilyn and Debbie...were they ever as confused as the rest of us? I guess I need to not drink so much tea, and get off the balance ball and do something. Here's my song for the evening....

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