Friday, December 26, 2008

daniela kamiliotis @ The Selby

I've become very obsessed with The Selby lately. Seeing into the homes of such a diverse crowd is so inspiring-especially the artists. I was especially taken with the workspace of Daniela Kamiliotis, the vice president of the women's collection of Ralph Lauren. Her office is just brilliant. Here's a bit of my favorites:

You can tell so much about someone from their bookshelf. A huge warning sign for me is the lack of one. It always makes me wonder. A large collection of a variety of books however, is a great first impression for me.
I absolutely adore her rings, I'd love to get my hands on just one of those signet rings.

And the feathers! There is something so enchanting about the fragility of feathers and the complexities of nature. I don't think any textile designer could ever match their beauty.


Belle said...

I completely agree with you in regard to being able to learn a lot about a person by his/her book collection!
The same holds true for seeing interesting people sitting and reading in coffee houses....I'm always curious about what they're reading!

Thriftstoreglitter said...

Definitely...also record collections. They are indicators of what lies below the surface.


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