Sunday, January 3, 2010

Resolution Time....

Ok, so last year I made a few. And I'm happy to say I stuck to them for the most part, so why not try again? Here it goes:

1. Appreciate Art/Music- I used to be so much better about getting out and seeing new exhibits and bands, but lately I've been slacking. So I want to get back into this. Should be easy right?

2.Read more-I'm shooting for a book every two weeks, which is very possible for my schedule. I'm not going to be very specific about what I have to read, just as long as I read something. Film star biographies, American Classics,or Bukowski-it's all relevant and it all counts!

3.More Quality, Less Junk- This goes for, movies, clothes, how I spend my spare time...I'm hoping this becomes a life habit.

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