Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm Going to Disneyland

So tomorrow I'm going to the happiest place on earth and I am so excited! I decided to get inspired and look up vintage Disneyland pictures and voila! Aren't they great? I can't believe how much it's changed and yet I can. There's such a list in my head as far as what I'm going to have to do, of course there's the favorites (haunted mansion, pirates of the Caribbean, small world) and the new ones for my niece (buzz lightyear,dumbo, and nemo), also there's a few traditions. For example, my sister and I always have to get a pickle and pineapple juice while there. It just has to be done, no exceptions. I wonder what tomorrow brings....
PS. I find it fitting that my next post will be Disneyland related and the 100th post of this blog, seeing as I love Disneyland oh so much!

1 comment:

Kyle said...

Well, Disneyland is totally awesome. What better for a hundredth post. If I didn't have work tomorrow and I were working my regular shift I probably would've been going up there this evening myself.


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