Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vegan Mofo

I signed up with Vegan Mofo and made a promise to post a few vegan blog topics a week. I'm not doing so well with that. However here's what I have, a list of what encourages me to keep at a vegan diet. I will say that I have not been a true vegan-I do however strive for it,I just want to be honest. But currently I am eating strictly vegan, and hope to continue to do so in the future.

1."Skinny Bitch" -Yes, it's silly, yes they cuss, yes the name is ridiculous...but this book got me thinking. I'd been a vegetarian for 12 years when I read this book, and it encouraged me to make the next step. It's a nice quick informative read and it really helps me stick to my guns when I need it.

2.M Cafe- I work near the one in Beverly Hills,and I am a lucky girl. The best food around, you forget it is healthy. They make eating vegan a true pleasure. The best restaurant reviewer in Los Angeles and she is vegan. My boyfriend and I regularly find ourselves planning our days off with her blog. She never leads you astray and she has a wide range of food to pick from. She could teach Jonathan Gold a thing or two.

4.Whole Foods on 3rd and Fairfax- My one stop shop for greatness. They have the vegan pizza with daiya cheese ( a QuarryGirl suggestion), vegan Indian takeout, a huge selection of veggie cold cuts and cheeses, and soy jerky. In a word-delicious. I love them, and am grateful for their close proximity.

5. My Boyfriend Robert- An aspiring Vegan Restaurateur, he cooks some of the best meals and has so much enthusiasm for a vegan diet. It's so nice to have a partner in crime to eat this way. He's also very inspiring because he truly believes in that lifestyle and has no problem defending it to anyone who decides to ridicule it.

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