Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hungover and Hungry

So I stayed up way too late last night with friends, actually we ended the evening at 6am this morning. So naturally I feel like hell and am kicking myself for not drinking enough water, because now i've wasted the day and missed Echo Park's Lotus Festival. To soften the blow I am going to have to indulge in some jewish comfort food in the form of Canter's matzo ball soup. If I was in San Diego it'd have to be a burrito from Alejandro's but since i'm not, only Canter's will do.I've heard mixed reviews on Canter's but I have to say, it has always left me satisfied (that's what she said...), besides you can't really hate a place that is open 24 hours and gives you as many pickles as you can handle. And it's a Los Angeles institution. How many places can say they have served both Marilyn Monroe and Guns and Roses?

Canter's Delicatessen and Restaurant
419 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90036
(323) 651-2030

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