Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Erotic City @ La Cita

Rio (of Beauty is Pain), Howie Pyro (of Intoxica Radio), Me, and my boyfriend Robert.

Me and Liseth (She is an amazing makeup artist for MAC)

Tom Cruise aka Danny Fuentes (who also DJ'd that night)

Monday was the opening night (I think) for the Erotic City nights at La Cita. Josie Cotton played her new album, and it was amazing. And then it was all about the 80's on the turntable. Everyone dressed pretty 80's and I was personally pretty excited to wear my polka dot dress that I scored from Out of the Closet for $1. All in an excellent night. My only gripe was that La Cita again didn't honor their drink specials...so know that if you go, before you order. Otherwise it was a great party! So if you get the chance go to the next one!

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